Sunday, August 14, 2016


     Shortly after noon on Saturday the 6th of August, we arrived at Crystal Bay on the Detroit River across from Amherstburg, Ontario. We were about
Anchor Bay on a Saturday afternoon

the 8th boat in this protected bay area. It was full of water grass (weeds), to the point at one place on the way in the Perkins diesel started to labor. We had to find a more clear channel to get in. By dinner time (6ish) there were over thirty boats in this little area. When dark came, it was down to 17. The noisy boats had left with the arrival of darkness.  It was a pleasant night, quiet, no rolling, and only the sounds of nature. Sunday morning was just as nice. Just enough wind to keep the insect life down. We were anchored with the windows and hatches open, keeping it pleasant enough that we did not need to run the genset to power the AC. Sunday morning was different. I ran the generator long enough to power a stove and cook breakfast. Sausage, eggs, and homemade biscuits with jelly and honey. We also got some charging done to the Perkins starting and house batteries. I did not go to a church for the first time in months. Instead, I worked on a plumbing leak, and prayed  for forgiveness for not observing "The Sabbath". We had been loosing water; two people were going through about 20gal/day without taking showers on the boat. When looking for the alternator problem, I discovered water raining under the floor of the lower helm. Upon closer examination, I found a nylon fitting used to change the cold water pipe direction at the bulkhead was leaking. It had a pinhole in it, making a fine spray. It took most of the day to get to, remove, and replace this one ell. I had fixed some leaks two weeks prior at the hot water heater, and thought at the time I got the leaks all fixed. I also while wedged in this tight space under the salon floor, between the Perkins and the house batteries, straightened up  some of the electrical wiring and hoses that had come loose or been added carelessly over the years.
       I was pretty sweaty (read smelly) after being cramped in the bilge most of the day. I took a swim in the Detroit River (Crystal Bay actually) off of the swim platform to cool down. The river was actually pleasant temperature wise. But the weeds were there under the surface, and you would occasionally brush or feel one while swimming. After the swim was dinner, followed by a lovely sunset. I do not think photos could do the rose colors and setting sun playing off the clouds justice. But a photo is attached anyway.
Sunset over Anchor Bay

On Monday morning, we awoke early to head to Detroit for an alternator repair/replacement. One of the marinas/service facilities I had called on the past Friday had returned my call on Saturday. I scheduled us to be at Detroit Boat Basin for repair on Monday, 8Aug, at 9am. That is another post.

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