Rodney's Bio

Rodney is a native of the tar heel state, and spent most of his life on or near the water, and messing with boats a lot. On the ICW, Pamlico Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean. Most all were small outboard boats. He had a small wooden bateau purchased by his dad at 13, and moved it with a 2hp Elgin he had bought for $10. from his grandfather.  He bought water skis with grass cutting money and learned to ski on the Pamlico River and South Creek. A friend had a "Sunfish" sailboat while Rodney was in high school that he sailed some. And he got involved in cars, mostly sports cars. His career got started as a mechanical designer. And he got more involved in cars. He entered competitive events as a member of the SCCA. And somewhere in this period he met Barbara while taking a photography extension course. And they got married. And Rodney and Barbara traveled some as he changed companies he worked for. And they had children. And Rodney's career became more complex. And recently he retired from years of construction management for an international engineering/construction company.

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  1. Hello to Rodney and Barbara. Your new life will be full of happiness, I can just feel it. Keep journeying for many years and keep a good record of your comings and goings for us land-lubbers. Hope I get to see you out on some really soft and rolling waves. Happy trails to you - er, ah, many happy waves to you.