Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2014 Season Synopsis

"SummerTime" was put back into the Portage River waters by Brands' Marina in early May. We wanted to, and had to go in early as we were on the second row from the big entry doors. Brands had done the few things we asked over the winter, and we did some items on board ourselves. More importantly, Tibbels Fish Camp was a "USA Fuel" franchisee, and cleaned our diesel tank in mid June. There were some really big chunks of asphaltine waiting to plug a fuel line once more . The bottom of the tank was actually bright aluminum instead of black when they finished. We  did more one day trips over the summer. Our big vacation trip was over to the Detroit River, and up the river. WG Milliken State Park/Harbor in downtown Detroit was a pleasant surprise. Very new, clean, and in site of the tall downtown buildings. We crossed Lake St Clair, and got as far up the St. Clair River as Algonac City. We spent a night on the hook at Metro Beaches State Park. On the way back down the Detroit River, we were boarded by the USCG. They passed, did a quick three point turn in the river (sure sign they wanted to check something), and came back up to SummerTime's stern. I offered to stop, but they said "No", they would board while moving. Three of them came aboard, and the little patrol boat with two others followed at a safe distance. Barbara was surprised, and played host. I avoided traffic, including a large lake freighter going upstream. They completed their mission, gave us a "Pass" receipt, and left, all without stopping.
We did more day trips and miscellaneous small chores over the summer. The big surprise came on a September Sunday afternoon while stopping by to check on SummerTime. The bilge was full of water, and the two pumps were barely keeping up to the depth. I contacted Brands early on Monday morning, and they put a pump aboard, and lifted SummerTime out of the water. The "Garplug" in the keel had come out (inwards). Most of the lower threads were corroded away from years in salt water. They got a new one installed, and SummerTime was back in the water in a few days. SummerTime was put back in dry storage for the winter in early November.

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