Sunday, January 29, 2017

WEEK #22, 24-30Dec2016 IDLE WEEK

      On Saturday, we take a day to do chores on SummerTime. I work on some of my worklist items, most notably the courtesy lights in the cockpit and adding one on the flybridge. I straighten out some of the wiring under the console in the process of adding a courtesy light to the flybridge. Barbara straightens out items in the interior. Mostly she is looking for items we packed onto SummerTime before leaving Port Clinton and have not been using. We plan on removing them from the boat and taking them to storage in NC. It is a productive day for both of us.
      On Sunday we get up, and Barbara prepares a nice, filling breakfast before we ready for church. We attend the Marathon First Baptist Church again, taking advantage of $5. taxis to and from church. The drivers were tipped well for working on Christmas Day, as well as Sunday. Barbara baked a Cornish hen for dinner, and we had a nice Sunday lunch and relaxed the rest of the day.
      For Monday, I work on the flybridge courtesy lights some more. And I straighten out more wiring under the console. Barbara packs as we are leaving the boat on Tuesday to visit relatives in NC over the holidays. It is a long and productive day for both of us.
      Tuesday morning I call the rental car agency for a pick up. They are pretty prompt, and I am back to SummerTime just a few minutes after what I thought was going to be the pick up time at the airport. We finish making the boat ready to leave, getting cushions in off of the flybridge, and checking all our lines. We leave about 10:15. It will be several days before we see SummerTime again. We drive east and north out of the Keys, and are amazed at the number of cars we meet coming into the keys. It is going to be crowded on those islands over the holiday period. Glad we are not going to be on the keys, though I will miss the warm weather.

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